Stylish, lightweight and strong forged alloy wheels and performance parts from Finnish car guys to car people

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Our Story

We all love fast and beautiful cars. More so, we love driving them. However, it is sometimes hard to find what you need to build fast and beautiful cars. This very problem led us, Petri, Joona, and Juha to discuss over and over again the same topic during the dark winter nights here in the North:

Where to find the right wheels and other performance parts with needed specs without selling your arm and leg, and without sacrificing the quality. It led to intensive research, which led to learning as we began designing and manufacturing (with factory partners) our wheels. Later on, this led to the founding of North Performance to solve our and many other enthusiasts' problems.

We are just starting our journey. Stay tuned and welcome to the community @northperformancenet in Instagram & Facebook and @northperformance in TikTok

Why should you buy from us?

Whether you are looking for wheels for a race car, show car, or just want to boost up the looks and performance of your daily drive, we can help.

Our forged wheels are produced according to your specific needs and spec. There are very few limitations on what we can do.

The forged wheels are milled from 6061-t6 aluminum blocks and are within very tight tolerances. Each set of wheels goes thru the inspection by us.

The wheels are designed in Finland and manufactured in China (like almost any other wheel brand). It is something we can openly say while others try to keep things hidden.

we promise to bring you quality forged wheels at a reasonable price so that YOU can make your vision real. We can achieve that with very clever processes, and small and agile organizations. You pay no extra to various middlemen or big corporation executives.

Forged Wheels for Vans/Professional vehicles

Need some fancy quality wheels for your Mercedez-Benz Printer, Ford Transit or Volkswagen Crafter?

We got your ass covered!

We can make any of our forged wheels with bizarre bolt-patterns, offsets and max-load specs that you probably need for your van.

For example here is our Mean Deep model converted to 22" sprinter wheel that needed huge max load rating

Ford Transit Custom 17" wheels:

Mb Sprinter 20" wheels:

Mb Sprinter 21" Wheels:

North Performance Oy (FI3221586-6), Lappeenranta & Oulu, Finland

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